Fume extraction vendor supports habitat restoration and environmental education 


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Introducing the ULT 200.1 unit series, ULT LLC is not only providing a new device generation but a completely new system concept.

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Automated control for the ULT Airtower welding fume extraction system based on particle concentration.

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ULT LLC provides the LAS 1200 laser fume extraction system, applying a specially configured filtration concept.

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Fume extraction vendor ULT LLC and Pennsylvania headquartered George KELSO Co. entered into a cooperation providing air cleaning solutions.

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In January 2018, ULT LLC head Wolfgang Koehler did an interesting interview with SMT007 Magazine.

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Fume extraction vendor ULT LLC and Florida based GulfTech Enterprises – Casiba Group have commenced a partnership.

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ULT LLC has recently introduced its ULT Airtower welding fume extraction system line that now comes with significant cost-saving potential.

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ULT LLC now introduces the most efficient solution for welding fume extraction and filtration: The ULT Airtower.

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ULT, vendor of air treatment and fume extraction technology, had recently opened a subsidiary in the USA.

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