Unrivaled and reliable laser fume extraction

Laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser structuring, laser ablation, metal additive manufacturing - all of them are increasingly utilized in modern manufacturing processes. All of them produce hazardous particles and particulate matter that might have negative impact on humans, machinery and products, though.

The LAS laser fume extraction equipment series covers the entire range of air cleaning amd gas purification technologies – for any laser process in many industries as well as handcraft and research.


Overview LAS series for laser fume extraction:


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Video on fume extraction technology for critical laser processes





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Laser smoke as an example of hazardous substances

Nowadays, laser technology can be found in many industries such as electronics, machinery, medical, in metal and plastics processing, to name a few. For example, in metal processing dusts containing heavy metals are released that may accumulate in the human body. During processing of alloyed metals, contained substances such as nickel, cobalt and chromium are released. The pyrolysis of organic substances may generate dioxins or hydrogen chloride. Furthermore, laser smoke contains fine dust and particulates that may, in the worst case, lead to respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems, and an increased cancer risk.

In addition to bad quality of work due to permanent emissions, machines may be affected or damaged because of pollution and chemical reactions of their products. In particular, in the case of finest precision mechanical works, each kind of impact by particles must be avoided.

Pollutants of any size always affect humans, machines and the environment. In addition to social and human aspects, a high sickness absence rate of employees has adverse economic effects on companies just like malfunctioning machines due to pollutions. Maintenance expenses, rework, and finally loss of reputation and falling customer demands are the predominant adverse effects.

There is one solutions for all these problems: air purification technology, which reliably protects equipment and employee health, and additionally, considers changing process parameters.

By now, fume extraction technology covers a wide range of airborne contaminants. Nearly all laser processes to be found in manufacturing industries are supported. From interconnection and separation technologies, surface processing such as welding, sintering, melting or marking, or production processes such as additive manufacturing – all these processes generate harmful substances that might show extreme impact on human health.


Our LAS system series ensures clean working conditions. We will gladly proof this statement. Just contact us.

eMail +1 414 377-1376

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