Best in class air cleaning system

Welding operations come with a critical risk: hazardous fume is being generated, harming workers, contaminating systems and products.  

ULT LLC provides the currently most efficient solution for powerful welding fume extraction: The ULT Airtower.
















Operation functionality

ult airtower functional principleThe ULT Airtower utilizes the layer ventilation principle, creating a lake of fresh and purified air in the work area


Waste air is being sucked in on top of the unit, filtered downstream and discharged as clean air into the work area. Purified air, emanating at ground level, is supporting the thermal upstream of welding fumes towards the top intake of the AirTower.


More than 99.9% of particulates are removed.


This method of air circulation is the most efficient way to purify air in welding workshops.



Your benefits in welding fume extraction

Welding fume extractor ULT Airtower It is all "plug and play" - no duct runs needed.


No additional weight from on-torch extraction, no capturing elements or extraction arms are neccesary.


Significantly reducing energy and heating costs.


Constant waste air monitoring for concentration of particulates - top-notch efficiency.


Automated de-dusting of filter cartridges for extended running time and constant filtration.


Extreme low-noise operation, making the ULT Airtower one of the most silent devices on the market.





The perfect fit

The ULT Airtower fume extractor is featuring four different versions - from 2,950 to 11,700 cfm (5,000 to 20,000 m³/h) of air flow, efficiently cleaning up to 247,000 cft (7.000 m³).




ult airtower brochureAirtower brochure (PDF version)








ult airtower brochureAirtower brochure (Flip book)










case study welding fume extraction airtowerCase study on welding fume extraction in a steel working company


We will gladly provide you with additional information on the fume extraction system. Furthermore, we can configure your individual solution if required. You are welcome to contact us:

eMail +1-414-377-1376

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